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What kind of internet connection do you need to watch Equisport.

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For best quality in HD, we recommend at least 5 Mbit / second in downstream bandwidth. Lowest recommended speed is 1 Mbit downstream / second. Our live sporting event is broadcasted in multi bitrate, which means that the quality is customized after your connection. So if you have a 1mb/s bandwith the quality will be low but you will be able to watch the livestream. 

If you experience buffering image and or problems, please visit. and check your connection. If you use a mobile connection it can be hard for us to deliver the stream in bad connected areas due to dropped frames.

If you have meny devices streaming on your network you can also experience som issues.

Perfect delivery: 10> mb/s
Recommended: 5mb/s
Lowest 1mb/s

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