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This is how it works
This is how it works

Instructions for using the service "Buy your ride"

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"We created this service for all of you who always tries to get everything right, from the driving of the lorry to the feeding of the horses and the rider. It´s a lot to think about as a groom and we wanted to help you. So here is our help."

Short explained, you start by searching for a specific rider in our special search box. Browse through the fantastic list of rides and events and select the interesting one.
Click them and preview them in the videoplayer and press Buy the ride next to the horse/riders highlighted name.

Important: Before you add the video to the chart, make sure the start time and the end time is correct. (sometimes the auto tagging function fails) 

If the time stamps are correct, you can add the video to the chart. 

If you get this message, the hard part is over:

Continue to the checkout, confirm your order and pay with a credit card.

Note: If you have a credit card connected to your subscription, you will have the choice to use that for a easy and secure checkout. 

Payment confirmed? 

Please wait for a few minutes, maximum about 15 min then you should have received a email with information on how to download your clip. 

And thats it! 

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